About us

Our experts at SANOLEO by Omicron Dephaa believe in improving human health and well-being. Our driving force is the research and development of new technologies that allow us to process top quality Omega 3 fish oil for the health and nutrition sector.

We are a dedicated international team consisting of scientists, researchers and professionals whose express purpose is to make our production process efficient. Our oils are sourced from pelagic fish species and our state of the art plant is located on the sunny island of Tenerife. Thanks to its latest purifications technologies, the quality and sensory profile of our oils exceed by far the most stringent industry standards and regulations. The fully automated lines ensure a consistent and secure production whilst also allowing for stringent quality controls at every step of the manufacturing process.

SANOLEO’s smart vision

Health and trust go hand in hand; We care, we deliver. We keep our promises thanks to our reliable delivery service, our network of distributors, the capacity of our factory and our strong strategic partnerships. Come and visit us! We are always happy to welcome you for a tour of our factory and to enjoy the glorious surroundings of the island of Tenerife.

20.000 MT/y annual plant capacity

7000 m² food manufacturing plant in Tenerife

20 million € of investment

Our difference

We expertly process crude oils, sourced from pelagic fish species. We innovate through extensive research and technologies which give us the means to produce the purest omega 3 fish oil with an outstanding sensory profile .

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