Health takes centre stage

Quality & Sustainability


SANOLEO strives to produce the best possible quality of refined fish oils and omega 3 products. We aim to beat by far even the most stringent regulations and industry standards worldwide . Our state of the art production process and innovative cutting edge technologies ensure a product with the highest levels of naturally occurring PUFAs, especially EPA and DHA, and at the same time very low levels of environmental contaminants, heavy metals, free fatty acids, oxidative by-products, moisture and microbial contamination. With Sanoleo, you are sure to get the purest omega 3 fish oils available in the market. A quality you can sense thanks to the outstanding sensory profile of our oils.

Our efficient quality management system gives us global control of the production chain. Raw materials are carefully selected following our strict requirements and then undergo further inbound controls. The quality of our production is assured thanks to strict manufacturing standards and constant in-line and central laboratory monitoring. The end products are only released and delivered after they have undergone an intense quality checking process and found to be in full compliance. Furthermore, our production plant is frequently audited by globally accepted and accredited third-party quality control expert.

Our certifications

Our production plant is frequently audited by globally accepted and renowned accredited third-party quality and sustainability certification bodies. We are HACCP, FOS CoC, MSC CoC and Halal Certified and will soon be GMP and ISO22000 certified.


SANOLEO applies the principles of sustainable development on a daily basis. How ?

Supply chain

Because we know that health and quality go hand in hand with sustainability, we only source our raw materials from fisheries that have earned a renowned sustainability certification.


A full section of our plant is entirely dedicated to waste water treatment. We also plan to install solar panels for better energy management.

Low emission impact

We believe that everybody can contribute to lower emissions. By optimizing payloads and warehouse locations we ensure a lower logistical impact. Our central location for both raw material sourcing and the way in which we service our customers also contribute to lower emissions associated with inbound and outbound logistics.

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