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Sanoleo’s unique production process ensures products of outstanding quality

We process crude oils which are sourced from pelagic fish species to produce the purest Omega 3 fish oil. Our factory is equipped with the latest technologies, giving us the means to produce in large quantities while also guaranteeing an outstanding quality. Our uniqueness is especially prevalent in the deodorization process, which results into Omega 3 fish oils with an exceptional sensory profile . Thanks to our network of partners we can deliver you in most of the countries around the globe.


  • Regular and low cholesterol 18/12 TGs
  • Balanced profile 15/15 TGs
  • High DHA profile 7/23 TGs
  • High EPA 20/10 TGs
  • Low EPA & DHA
  • Purified Omega 3 oils for pet food
  • Purified stearin
  • Oils tailored to your need with care and passion
  • Coming soon EE Oils (2021)

Our packaging formats

  • Bulk containers: flexitanks or iso tanks
  • IBC containers
  • Drums

Markets we serve

  • Dietary supplements
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petfood
  • Infant nutrition
  • Fortified foods
  • Worldwide

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